Sunday, January 8, 2012

GF christmas drawing

So over the break I wanted to make something for my lady friend, I went through a few ideas before settling on the coloured portrait (Similar to the Annie Wu style I've been trying out, I though of it when my friend Tara (another great artist) posted a self portrait: in a similar style

It's just coloured lines, with flats, a shade layer and effects layer for the shine and make up

You can really see the Annie Wu influence when it's just black lines.

This was my original idea, her as a cartoon watching Arrested Development while drinking tea in her pillow filled bed. I didn't frame this or the black and white portrait, but still showed her.  The only reason I didn't keep going with this was I wanted to try something new to me.

And the background on her computer:


  1. are...those the same building from your other paintings?!? also will you upload that arrested development wallpaper

  2. I doubt she'll recognize the buildings haha, and sure I'll add the Arrested Development wallpaper