Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Concept Design

Alrighty, so we had to think of a concept design of sorts, but at the same time render it. 
So I drew up this weird floating land mass thing with mountains while I was watching Dexter.
I then showed my design to my teacher and my class and took some intake and changed the design to an extent.

So I drew it up again and put more focus on the rock mountain city thing. I threw in some flats and made some painterly type shading for everything.

I then threw in a painted sky and foggy type clouds with some more rock texture and overlayed and warped it for my mountain structure.

I then put some windows in my buildings and put some lights on with a glow, and kept texturing and painting my rocks, and threw in a different batch of cities on the other rocks and pumped up my multiply and screen layers.

Then added in a watering filter system and put a little more detail in everything, and blurred the background stuff and made it less prominent to make the main mountain pop a little ...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seriously He Hee? - Traditional Lip Sync

Glen's been working out pretty well with my animations thus far this year, so I decided to make a more realistic Glen...aka super freakin strong and when he laughs his pop out...to really enjoy this one go key frame to key frame to see all the horror inbetweens He Hee

I did the voice of Glen by the way :P ...Glen sucks at saying seriously

Checkered Cab Design

So for this assignment I had to create a vehicle. As per usual I started with the line art, I had to make sure to get the perspective right, much kudos to my teacher Omar Dogan, who helped me with the fisheye angle.

Then I threw in some flats and a rough tonal and idea of lighting to keep me on my feet and to make sure I don't deviate from that for the shine and harsher shadows later on.

So then I started looking at the individual pieces and cleaning up the bumper, and head lights and grill, and then it was only a matter of cleaning up the tires, mirrors, inside the car, the lighting, door knobs, antenna, spokes and hubcaps...you know, easy fixes, only about 10 hours of work for that stuff.

Then of course you have to end every painting with a little orange and blue gradients for some eye candy.