Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Concept Design

Alrighty, so we had to think of a concept design of sorts, but at the same time render it. 
So I drew up this weird floating land mass thing with mountains while I was watching Dexter.
I then showed my design to my teacher and my class and took some intake and changed the design to an extent.

So I drew it up again and put more focus on the rock mountain city thing. I threw in some flats and made some painterly type shading for everything.

I then threw in a painted sky and foggy type clouds with some more rock texture and overlayed and warped it for my mountain structure.

I then put some windows in my buildings and put some lights on with a glow, and kept texturing and painting my rocks, and threw in a different batch of cities on the other rocks and pumped up my multiply and screen layers.

Then added in a watering filter system and put a little more detail in everything, and blurred the background stuff and made it less prominent to make the main mountain pop a little ...

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