Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Concept and Character

Alrighty, so for this final assignment I originally wanted to do a GTA4 inspired type thing, but this had too many flaws in it to continue with it.

So I altered my composition so a cop was coming in through a gate and then my guy was hiding in a park behind a building, outside a city

So I added in the city and some fern trees and the sky. This didn't take to much time, but I wanted to do it right.

I then decided to put it at winter time and I spent forever painting some abstract purple trees and putting snow on them, plus the path way. And instead of a cop I changed the guy to a completely dead guy in the snow.

I then changed the character to Santa Clause marking off his naughty list.

Then I put it on steroids and added in the details and altered my composition slightly to open it up, put some snow in, some dragged out blood, more bodies, a little yellow and blue and fixed the writing on the "Naughy list"

And digital painting class is officially over, meaning my future weekends are almost free.

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