Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Drawing Challenge Random Days 1-8

I'm trying to force myself to do a drawing challenge right now for a month, I miss some days but I try to make up for it the next day. The challenge is to draw one thing every day from a given list. I want to keep the style clean and consistent through out so it will look like a complete package. This isn't all of them that I've done so far, but just a preview before I post them all at the end of the challenge.

Day 01 (yourself: Me)
Day 02 (celebrity crush: Scarlett Johansen) 
Day 03 (a friend: Graham)
Day 04 (an animal you think is cute: Basset Hound)
Day 06 (something you've never drawn before: a swiffer haha ...low on ideas)

Day 08 (something with your favourite colour: blue whale)

The whole list to come soon! Stay tuned

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