Friday, October 7, 2011

Face and Hands Digital Painting

After some struggles with this head and hands assignment I finally got it done. I started painting my pornstar character, but shortly realized he was wrong for this assignment by a long shot. So I drew this caricature based on loosely on David Bowie and Devin Cheribuni. 
I started with the line art, then put some tonals in grey over it. I placed the light source as a lighter in his hand, assuming he's about to light a cig. Then when that was done I painted in some textures, mainly the wrinkles and old man spots, then the hair and nails came in.
I plopped the lighter and cigarette in and put on some overlays and tweaked the colours to make it as creepy as I could. I put on some final touches like the rim lighting and more wrinkles in the shirt and it was good enough for a good ol' fashioned night on the town.

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