Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gorwalrus Monster painting

This is the Gorwalrus monster that breathes through a lung sac on the outside of his lizard like body.
It took far too long to get done, but I like how it came out. I started with my line art and flats and worked my way up with some shading. I built it up to make it look 3d, and then started to add some textures I made.  And many overlays of paintbrushes and filters I used created what I wanted for textures. And then I used mostly the grass brush on scattering to get the hair right, and everybody was like, "you can't do that," and I was like, "if the glove fits."

when it came to cleaning it up I put some more screen and multiply layers in and added some more contrast with orange and blue, an orange gradient and a blue rim light on the opposite side. I added in a drop shadow that tryingly fits the characters light source. That's probably just about it...yep.

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